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Sr Mct Oil Drops 300 Mg Cbd

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Snowy River pure + nature Hemp Extract in MCT infuses our organically grown High CBD Hemp Extract with natural MCT oil. The oil that is produced is a complete whole plant extract and is not a synthetic or an isolate. It therefore contains all the synergistic Terpenoids, Cannabinoids, Essential Oils and all of the original plant compounds. Snowy River pure + nature Hemp Extract does not add any extra flavors or chemicals and remains a truly organic and natural untainted product.

A 30ml tincture of Snowy River Hemp Extract 300 contains 300mg cannabidiol or CBD hemp oil. The suggested serving of ½ dropper taken under the tongue two times per day will provide 20mg of CBD plus many valuable nutrients.

  • No added flavours or chemicals
  • 30ml bottle contains 300mg of CBD
  • Full spectrum of cannabinoids
  • Full spectrum of Terpenoids
  • Full spectrum of naturally occurring planet compounds


This product can only be sold for external use only. It is not for internal use.

Any product related statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always consult your own physician before beginning a new dietary supplement program. All Snowy River products are produced and sold in compliance with US federal law and contain zero THC.


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