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To provide high-quality hemp-based products such as hemp extracts as well as CBD oil, Snowy River Brand has emerged as a leading manufacturer making it easy for acquiring these medicinal extracts. We play an important role when it comes to maintaining the standards of the hemp-CBD industry.

Snowy River Brand cares about its customers which is why we ensure that the manufacturing process is carefully scrutinized while keeping the cost on the lower side to ensure that anyone and everyone can afford our products. With our headquarters based in Australia as well as the USA, we cater to users all over the world who are legally allowed or prescribed by the doctors to use CBD hemp oil.

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We house one of the industry’s top-ranking control systems for best quality while producing products that go through a transparent database open to public viewing. This ensures that all the products opted by our customers is 100 percent safe to use with no negative side effects. We practice fairness when it comes to cost. We ensure a fair structure for pricing that helps our customers save while investing in the CBD oil benefits.

Each raw material acquired by our manufacturers for the product of Hemp oil has been carefully scrutinized for quality. We maintain a strong relationship with our farming partners to dispatch products manufactured using raw materials that have been under our constant monitoring. Just as our customers are important to us, so are our employees.

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We ensure that all our employees get the best work benefits which lead to better attention at work and thus leading to the production of high-quality products that are manufactured as per industry standards. We are nothing but a big family that works towards manufacturing products that are beneficial to health, thus catering access to a better lifestyle. When you buy CBD oil in Australia from Snowyriverbrand, you align with a team that holds a passion for quality and consistency.

Cannabis oil is known for its relaxing effect that helps you bring down the daily work stress or pain from any chronic disease. We get the assurance of products that come with a legal amount regarding THC. We ensure that the cannabinoid potency in our products doesn’t go beyond the legal levels.

Our laboratories work under proper license with a facility that is large enough for proper segregation of all the processes required for the manufacture of CBD oil extracts. All the equipment used for the manufacture of hemp extracts are updated in a timely fashion given the fact that we always look forward to new inclusions in technology for better extraction process that yields higher quality.

While adhering to strict guidelines, we bring to you a product that helps you lead a healthier life at affordable price. Our mission is to make life easier with fewer ailments to worry about. All our products bring the promise of the safe manufacturing process while being organic.


Our mission is bringing the highest-grade CBD cannabidiol products to market. We believe in the substantial health benefits derived from the hemp plant and wish to inform the world of this incredible product.


Our Hemp CBD products are legal in all 50 states. CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp. Although hemp is part of the cannabis family, we offer hemp products for sale that contains none of the psychoactive properties commonly associated with cannabis making it legal for sale in Australia.

Snowy River strives to only offer the highest quality CBD oil products. All our products are tested by a third-party laboratory. Our CBD oil products are non-GMO and contain no pesticides, solvents, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

When you obtain your CBD Hemp oil products from Snowy River you will be assured of getting the highest quality product to meet your health requirements.