How Does CBD Oil Affects and Promotes Sleep?

Several researches and studies done on CBD show that it help people suffering from insomnia and sleep-disturbance. People who often complain about sleeplessness and who are willing to improve their sleep can use CBD oil. Nowadays, many young adults battle to sleep. The study found that as many as one-third of people aged 18 to 25 has sleep difficulties.

Anxiety and sleep

Studies also indicate that increased anxiety levels in people also contribute majorly to their disrupted sleep patterns. People often adopt wrong ways and medicines to alleviate their insomnia, but that only worsens their condition.

CBD oil for Sleep

CBD oil is one of the most useful oils and according to studies it has been found that this oil does affect sleep in a positive way because of the anxiolytic properties it partakes. In specific, it may block rapid eye movement sleep. A small research was done in 1981 where different doses of CBD were given to a group of insomniacs.

The result was that the highest dose of CBD increased sleep while dream recalls was less. It is believed that the lower dream recall is perhaps because of the reduction of REM sleep, the state in which we dream most actively.

Additional study done on the effect of CBD on sleep showed that CBD may block worry-induced REM sleep due to its anxiolytic effect, instead of sleep regulation.

In conclusion

CBD oil or cannabidiol is extracted from the stems of cannabis plant that are low in THC and are known to reduce anxiety, which is perhaps the most popular reason why people lie awake at night or are insomniacs. If you relax and soothe yourself, chances are you might have a good night’s sleep too.

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