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If you are opting to follow a ketogenic diet, you must have heard about the MCT oil. It is the recent buzzword when it comes to a bio-form available for energy and better health. It mostly generates a strong and thermogenic effect in the body with the almost instant creation of energy that doesn’t get stored as fat like other sources. It is better for someone looking to lose a few pounds and leading a healthy lifestyle.

At Snowy River Brand, we ensure that we bring to you the natural MCT oil that houses ample health benefits while being supported by proper scientific evidence. MCT oil is composed of long-chain based fatty acids that run straight from our gut leading towards the liver. This is where it is used as the source of energy while turning them into ketones. They make up as an important part of a ketogenic diet that allows an efficient way of losing weight.


When you opt to buy MCT oil from Snowy River Brand, you get the promise of 100 percent organic products free from any kind of harmful additives such as pesticides, fungus, etc. MCT house ample health benefits, some of which includes:

  • Better brain with higher memory functionality:

MCT oil produces ketones as an energy source to be used by our brain instead of the glucose present in the body. This helps with better brain functionality. The brain can memorize better as compared to individuals that opt for traditional sources of energy.

  • The boost in energy with better endurance:

MCT and Hemp oil products can easily help provide a boost to the overall energy generated by a person with better endurance shown by your body when you exercise. This is especially true for athletes and individuals who opt for higher degree exercises in the gymnasium.

  • Better weight management with weight loss:

MCT products are also known to aid weight loss given the fact that the fat that comes with this oil isn’t stored in the body for a long time. It is especially beneficial for people suffering from diabetes and obesity. If you have been looking for a change in the scenario for better weight loss, replacing your regular oil with MCT oil can be largely beneficial.

  • Lowered Cholesterol:

A higher level of cholesterol in the body can lead to increased risk of heart diseases such as heart stroke, high blood pressure, etc. With regular use of MCT oil, the risks of having to suffer from such painful diseases are seemingly lowered down when paired with a proper diet and enough exercise.

  • Low Blood Sugar Level:

MCT oil by Snowy River Brand is also helpful when it comes to bringing down the heightened levels of sugar in the blood. If you are a diabetic patient or pre-diabetic, then this oil can be very effective in helping you regulate the sugar levels in your blood.


Snowy River Brand always works towards better health development when it comes to its customers. This is why we bring you high-quality MCT oil that is available at affordable price tags.